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Cinque Terre

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It is the smallest village of La Spezia gulf. Naturalistic area characterized by indented coasts, azure sea ( Byron cave), aged- old small villages and nature. Just in front of Portovenere are situated three small islands that you can visit by sea : Isola Palmaria (Grotta Azzurra), Tino, Tinetto. S. Pietro church is one of the peculiarities of Portovenere, for it is entrenched on rocks just over the sea bank.


Situated in one of the most beautiful cove of the Eastern Liguria Riviera. It’s is a splendid small seaside city that includes the large beach of Venere Azzurra , small hill villages connected by scenic paths and also hidden bays like Fiascherino and Tellaro.


It’s is a simple small fisherman’s village, with narrow coloured houses, incorporated one another, crossed by numerous small streets, that all guide us to a square made up of smoothed pebbles. Portofino is by now famous in all the world. Jet set and nature are melted: Portofino as VIP shelter, junction of famous personalities and Portofino with her park and Protected Naturalistic Area, with its trails, its Mediterranean maquis, its deep seabed.


Characteristic small town that maintained a medieval structure with at her extremities two monumental doors Porta Parma and Porta Romana. Inside the town we can visit the old church Pieve di S. Andrea, the Santa Maria Cathedral, the Fortezza Firmafede (fortress), and the Fortezza di Sarzanello (fortress) wanted at the time by famous Lorenzo De Medici. During August month, inside the historical alleys ,there is the famous NATIONAL ANTIQUE EXHIBITION called “SOFFITTA NELLA STRADA” (attic in the street).

Marble quarries

Carrara is famous for her precious white marble of Apuan Alps, whose processing and production is widely known throughout the world. The excavation and processing work of marble have place in the quarries. It is possible to visit them thanks to an organized tour in one of the most beautiful galleries. (Booking at Marmo Tour Carrara)


We recommend a visit to the famous Castlello Malaspina. The construction began in the middle of the XII century, it has a quadrangular plan with four round towers, a semicircular bastion and two inner courts. It enjoys an old legend... Two young people divided by parents couldn’t live their love, and, for this reason, the charming maid had been walled-in alive! Indeed, still today, they say that her spirit floats through the walls of the Castle. Furthermore, the historical building presents walkways over the roof where you can enjoy a wonderful panorama.


It has around 165 km of beaches extended from the Tyrrhenian sea up to Apuans Alps mountains. The most popular localities are Forte dei Marmi, Viareggio, Pietrasanta. Versilia is famous for her long sandy beaches, for her tourists jet set destinations, and for shopping and nightclubs for drinking and dancing.


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